Extra Curricular

Hobby Club

Hobby club is the doorway for the students to enhance their area of interest.

Facilities to play games like Billiards,Cricket,Tennis,Basketball,Football,Throw ball and skating are available in our school.

Coaching is also given to students in various games by trained coaches during evening hours.The students can select the games according to their choice of interest and can excel in any of the games of their choice.

Facilities to develop,one's interest in Fine Arts are also available in our school.Vocal music,Instrumental music,Painting craft classes are handled by the specialists in their chosen field.The students are encouraged to choose the fine arts as per their choice and develop their skills.

Facilities for Non-Scholastic Area

The students are divided into four houses namely RUBY-RED, EMERALD-GREEN, SAPHIRE-BLUE and TOPAZ-YELLOW to be impart a healthy competitive spirit amoung students and to inculcate the habit of working together and leadership qualities. All students are guided by a house master / house mistress. It is a responsibility of the house master / mistress to look after the general progress of their students in games and sports, extracurricular activities etc. Inter House competitions and meeting will be held every last saturday of the month.

Wellness Club

We give paramount importance to the health and wellbeing of the students.To upkeep their health on a continuing basis regular and periodical health check-up is organized in our premises itself for all our students once in every six months.Parents are updated with the health status of their wards.

Yoga Club

Training in “Yoga” is made mandatory to students to master –over- their mind,body and soul. Breathing exercises, meditation training are regularly practised to build-up their physique.

We strongly believe that practicing Yoga is a holistic approach of uniting the body, mind and spirit.

Regular Yoga Practice

Improves muscle bone flexibility strength and stamina
Reduces stress and tension
Boosts self esteem
Improves concentration and creativity
creates sense of well being and calm.

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